The Survey Design Division conducts survey on various subjects with topical importance suggested by the State Departments and other agencies for providing data support to plan formulation and decision making.

Survey and Studies


Survey and Design division of the department primarily aims to conduct surveys and studies on various aspects of contemporary importance and to identify the data gaps in various sectors of Kerala economy and to evolve a sufficient database required to address them.  Data collected through surveys from time to time is compiled and consolidated to generate reports which will be a guiding factor based on which economic policies of the state have to be evolved and its efficacy monitored.

In addition, this unit undertakes the necessary adhoc surveys to update as well as to formulate the rates and ratios essential for the preparation of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the state.

The task of this section is to find out the topics of contemporary importance for which the sample survey has to be carried out by identifying the source of the data and to design the schedules for the survey considering the components under consideration for data collection. The precise designs of such schedules will evolve a scientific conclusion.

The unit also renders technical support and guidance on various surveys conducted by other Government departments/agencies and provides required data to users and researchers in various fields to enrich their aims.

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Last Updated: 24, Mar 2024