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The department of Economics & Statistics has a training division in the Directorate to conduct training to the statistical personnel across the State inclduing the statistical personnel working in line departments. The trainings include induction training and inservice training on various subjects such as administrative matters, schemes and surveys of the department, behavioural skills, stress management, language skill improvement, RTI,  software development, Malayalam computing, MS office etc. 

This division also conducts training programme in collaboration with Institute of Management in Government (IMG), Thiruvananthapuram under State Training Policy (STP) which was evolved as part of Modernisation in Governemnt Programme (MGP) of the State Government. STP training programmes are being conducted at three regional levels viz. IMG Thiruvananthapuram, IMG Ernakulam and IMG Kozhikode. 

The Department also conducts various programmes with the technical support of SASA, Digital University Kerala, Academic and Research Organisations etc.for enhancing the capacity of statistical personnel for Data Analytics, Data Analysis, advanced computing practices etc.


The Directorate has a training conference hall in the 5th Floor of Vikas Bhavan in which is capable to accommodate about 100 persons. This A/C conference hall has necessary infrastructure facilities for conduct of trainings, workshops, seminars etc including online Video Conferencing.

The Directorate also has a Mini Conference Hall which is attached to the Computer Division at Ground Floor of Vikas Bhavan. The capacity of this air conditioned hall is 15 numbers. This hall is equiped to conduct mini conferences, trainings and Video Conferences.



IMG Training Calendar 2022-23

IMG Training Calendar 2023-24

SASA Training Calendar 2022-23

SASA Training Calendar 2023-24


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